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North of the River - London Web design and development - Word Press specialist

...  is where I’ve been for over 20 years now, and it’s a pretty good place to be.


Even if you pay for a lovely premium theme,  the hard work for you is usually still ahead.

It can take a week,  or weeks  to set everything up, style your site the way YOU like it, all the while tackling the steep learning curve that even the easiest Content Management System will present if your experience is limited.

canstockphoto12949742Changing the colours, adding all your content, ensuring that the SECURITY is set up,   WPML,  WooCommerce, various plugins, contact forms, Google Analytics, sizing graphics, dealing with Search Engine Optimisation and plug-in conflicts – it can all seem a bit daunting!

But wait?!  You ALREADY have a full time job!  How will you find the time to set up your website as well??  If you don’t have the time to do all this, it’s probably time to drop me a line.

I can also set up your Shopify site, help you out with your SquareSpace site – or do maintenance and upkeep on your existing website 🙂

I simply LOVE to take premium themes and turn them into something that works for your organisation.  Premium themes save you money because the wheel doesn’t need to be re-invented, but they rarely look just how you want – why not let me do the drudge work for you?

In addition to WordPress, I also like to design sites from scratch using nice, neat xHTML and CSS. Let’s get your web-presence live and working for you.
Sometimes,  I like to add a little ASP classic (an old-skool fav. of mine) to pages, if you’re on a windows server, to further tart-up an otherwise simple build.

A lot of the sites I work on are bi-lingual French and English – I do this with the premium plug-in, WPML – this is an awesome way to increase the reach and readership of your website – you provide me the words, and I can sort out the site.
Also, seriously,  security for your site is a big issue, let me set up the leading security suite for your site