My friends at Sharps AV needed a website – a proof of concept – an e-commerce site to pre-sell a fancy, cool new gadget. The turn around time was short, but we made it happen. This premium-theme based WordPress site is hooked up to WooCommerce and WPML for french/english fab-ness. Check out kappstore.ca now!




N.O.T.R. ?

(It stands for North of the River.)

North of the River is where I've been for over 15 years now, and it's a pretty good place to be.
Oh, but you probably want to know about websites.  Yes,  I build websites.
I am a London-based, freelance Web designer and front-end developer who sorts out websites for small to mid-sized business and non-profit organisations.  I work (mostly) from London, UK and have clients in France, Canada (Calgary) as well as the UK.
The bulk of my business is in customising Wordpress installs!
I love to take a premium theme and turn it into something that reflects YOUR business or organisation.
But,  I can also build bespoke sites with xHTML and CSS - why not contact me with your needs?