Yup, time for another wordpress premium theme. This time to replace the legacy IZAUK Site. The old site was all hand-coded and built with a (pretty awesome) bespoke ASP-Classic CMS. But it was old, (circa 2004 or 5?) and on a windows server in Classic ASP, it was limited. Enter premium theme, the building, the tweaking to make it look right.. and the setting up of user access for groups to self-edit. See The IZAUK Site Now



N.O.T.R. ?

(It stands for North of the River.)

North of the River is where I've been for over 15 years now, and it's a pretty good place to be.
Oh, but you probably want to know about websites.  Yes,  I build websites.
I am a London-based, freelance Web designer and front-end developer who sorts out websites for small to mid-sized business and non-profit organisations.  I work (mostly) from London, UK and have clients in France, Canada (Calgary) as well as the UK.
The bulk of my business is in customising Wordpress installs!
I love to take a premium theme and turn it into something that reflects YOUR business or organisation.
But,  I can also build bespoke sites with xHTML and CSS - why not contact me with your needs?